Need Fish for Vacaville Pond

  • 07/07/2018 1:05 PM
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    Hi Jen,

    I have 13 beautiful Koi of various sizes and types that I need to find homes for as I am moving. If your interested, please give me a ring.

    Michael B


  • 04/12/2018 2:15 PM
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    Jen, I have 4-5 koi I can give you -- please contact me directly, 

    Mary Nielsen

  • 04/08/2018 5:27 PM
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    My husband and I picked up 3 beautiful Koi at a show. I kept them in my quarantine stock tank with the plecos until water temps go up and they're socialized. Today I blue heron came up next to my house and took all my fish!! No wildlife has ever come up this close. How do you keep your fish safe? I tried a net, but it was to keep them from jumping out and kept sagging in the water. 

    If you know of any old retired beat up fish that no one wants, please let me know. These were going to be pets that I could swim with in the summer! I've trained all sorts of animals, but never a fish. My husband his crushed, he picked out a show quality fish. The pond is so deep, we seldom see the heron and don't worry about him catching anything in it. Never dreamed he'd come up this close. Dammit. :'( 

    I also wanted to let you know, our 2200 square foot home on 5 acres and 55,000 gallon pond will be going up for sale the next year. It's stocked with my two practice koi from Wal-Mart (lol), blue gill and sunfish, plus my 5 pleco during the summer. It's easily drained to remove the native fish that I let kids catch while they're in the shallows breeding. There are stone seats and stairs into the pond and it's deep enough to dive in and swim. It was built to rehab my legs while I enjoyed the clean water and nature. Located in Vacaville. 



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