FREE-koi holding tank, koi, skippy bio filter, pump

  • 08/09/2018 5:55 AM
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    Our plans have changed and we no longer are building a koi pond. I am giving away my koi, holding tank, pump and bio filter. I also have a sealed barrel for transporting the koi. 
    I built this holding tank to temporary house our Koi as we moved into a new house. Plans have changed and we are no longer buiding a koi pond. My loss your gain. 
    This is fairly large and will require at least 2 or 3 strong individuals to move. I will not assist in transport. You will need a pickup or large full size van. Must take everything, not just the koi, not just the pump. Must take all. 

    The pump is a tiny might pump and retails for 160 dollars.
    The holding tank is DuraGreen 44" x 48" x 29" Bulk Bin Container retails for 280 dollars
    The skippy filter is homemade and uses shipping straps as filter media. retails for 50 dollars for Brute container and 30 dollars for strapping material. 

    Over 520 dollars worth of items for free. 

    Located on Madrona Ave. in san jose. Would like it to go to an existing koi enthusiast.

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