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Pond Rebuild -- The Foundation -- Part 2

11/25/2015 8:32 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Here is a last look at what was before.  Notice the rocky background.  The only level point is the string level.  A string level is a necessary tool.  There is more prep work and then more prep work before putting it together.

There is now a solid back board that was leveled.  In this project, these 2 birdbaths are most important to this pond owner and we will be incorporating them into the waterfall.

The bottom center of this photo where the black/white pipe is where the bottom drain pipe will go.  The orange line level keeps the perspective.  Also, as you can on the far side of the pond is where the large skimmer was, a land bridge much be engineered.  At this point we have decided that the main body of the pond will be 4'.6"w x 9'l x 3'.5"d.  Take that equation and multiply by 7.5 to find out the gallons.  Our pond will be in the ball park of 1086 gallons plus a bog.

The area to the right of the orange level line was our first pour of a foundation base.  When we leveled the block toward the front of the picture, we were at ground level.  One problem with your pond being at ground level is that run off from your lawn and garden can flow into your pond ecosystem and that is not a good thing.  We decided that we would bring the edge up 4 inches above the ground.

This angle shows that the blocks would fit right over one another going across the land bridge where that skimmer was.  When we place that foundation layer we should line up correctly.  This is also before we bring in a large trenching machine.

The trenching machine was a great help in cutting through this really hard clay soil.  The trenches that were for the electrical were 18" deep.  

By using mason boards the foundation is being secured for cement.  It is important to drive in your vertical rebar before you pour the bottom foundation.  I did this by laying out a block and drive the rebar, line up the next block and drive a rebar.

Lots of preparation before we start putting this together.  This picture is a nice exposure of all three of our major trenches.  In the far back is the bottom drain.  The middle is the skimmer line.  The front one is the electrical line.

A dry fit of plumbing shows everything ending in the filter area which here is in the far back right corner.

This is a Flanged TPR Connector that I have set in concrete in the block.  The skimmer is suggested to be placed 13.5" inches below the water line.

Engineering the skimmer wall by cementing in a base block.

Mortared on the skimmer wall with our skimmer TPR in place.  Also lining up skimmer plumbing.

Dry fit of bottom drain.

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