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Pond Rebuild -- Laying the Liner -- Part 5

04/10/2016 3:03 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Once again, we've had rain issues, but this day was high and dry, so let's lay the liner.  This is the most exciting and nervous of all days.  Thanks Sequoia for taking the pictures today and to Marla for coming to help pull the liner.

Here is my last photo of the water fall.  The rocks and birdbaths will be removed so the liner can be spread underneath.

This is my first stab at the return plumbing.  The white male adapter on the right is not snug.  I may end up having to replace this connection and the valve shown.  More to come on the redo of this.  I just want to get the system up and running.

This will be the return of the waterfall.

We will be using the previous liner as an underliner.  Normally not necessary, but do to soil issues, we are going to use it.

Cleaning up the mud that's collected on the seal surface of the bottom.  I want to keep this really clean.  I also pushed in a few rocks to level the bottom drain one last time.

Many hands make quick work.  "Grab me that".  I found the night before a load of carpet matting.  The best thing to use under the liner and over the ruff edges.

A great shot of how I hung sheets of the matting along the perimeter.

I'm feeling a little sideways here.  I just remembered to cut away the first liner.

Here is the under liner and I should have cut that hole a little larger.  Remember to take your time.  I get excited putting these parts together.

OK, its time.  Everything has been padded with matting and the pre-liner is in and the new liner is spread out ready for the unfolding.

Shoes off.  There is absolutely NO dragging, stepping or pulling at this point.  Every move is small.  Tearing the liner at this stage would be heartbreaking.

Pulling and shifting.  Feeling one with the liner and how it falls.

Working on those folds.  Once the water fills up the walls it is virtually impossible to pull the liner.  The weigh of water will win every time.

Final fold and at some point you have to just move onto the next step.  I have plenty of liner covering the waterfall area.

Here we go.  All those sleepless nights comes down to this final huge step.  Sealing the bottom drain.  Remember to breathe.  I use a buddy here, just someone to sit on the side and be with me.  If you have never done a bottom, don't panic..  Here I have committed to my center.  I have cut a small 3" hole in the middle of the bottom drain.  If I were to make the hole larger it could tear.

This bottom drain has a second port.  I am screwing it in tightly.  I also glued up and capped this second port.  There will be only one, 2" drain port.

GE Silicone 1* is a Window sealant that is 100% silicone and Does Not contain Mildew Retardant.  

I silicone everything.  Every step of the way.  Leave no crack un-siliconed.  It may be over kill, but this is the most important feature of making your pond.

Lining up that first hole.

Second hole is ususally a little more difficult.  Remain calm, you are almost done.

All lined up.  Do not take a break.  Keep going while the silicone is drying already.  This is a fiber gasket that I rolled a bit of silicone on.  I silicone everything.

The bottom drain plate and the final piece to the bottom drain.

Using the fiber gasket I line up the hole of in the plate and screw down into the bottom drain.

Eight screws to the promised land and everything get screwed in clockwise, snug and tight.

I now am cutting away the interior with a sharp knife.

Here I silicone the inside of my plate the has connected the liner to the bottom drain.

Here is the completed bottom drain that we leave to dry for a day and we will then be filling with water.

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