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Pond Rebuild -- Completion -- Part 6

06/06/2016 8:29 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

These pictures are the completion of this project.

Here we are the day after the bottom drain was set to dry over night and we can now start filling with water.

The most important aspect of filling the pond up is to go slow and pull the liner into position.  As the water fills your pond the liner will be pushed against the walls, so work out all those kinks and folds as you go.

Here I have bulges in the padding under the liner.  These need to be flattened and molded to fit cleanly.

Continue working your way around and around the liner constantly tugging it upwards .

Best technique to lift the edge of the liner and release as the water flows back.

Here I am using this technique to lift the liner completely and then allowing the water to mold the bog area which is round and adjacent to the oval main basin.

Tricky area here as there are shelves on both sides of the entrance to the bog.

The bottom of the bog is to be flat and the excess from the folds in this area are being manipulated.

Here we are filled and its time to connect the filter.

This was our original filter.  Its was a used filter that we thought was a bargain but ended up being a teaching moment of buyer beware.  Ask questions like how long has it been in the sun?  When was the last time it was used?  Take a real close look at seams and seals.

Here you can see the drip coming from the threaded area.  Also, you can see there is white all along the bottom seem of the intake where this was repaired before.

Here is what it took to repair this seam.  Some things you don't know until you plug all the peices together.  Once the filter was on water was seeping up from the handle which meant that the spider seal was compromised and needs to be replaced.

Here is the pond on April 10th running on the used Advantage Bead Filter.

This is a brand new Ultima 2 filter for a 2000 gallon pond. The homeowner and myself decided that for the life and longevity of this new pond. that replacing the filter was better choice than repairing from the very beginning.

Time to start placing the birdbaths which are apart of the waterfall.  This birdbath is actually on 3 layers of liner.  Under the liner are strips of liner material covering the cement blocks.  On top of these blocks is the main pond liner which stretches up beyond the waterfall.  Attached to the waterfall basin is a 3rd liner which drapes over the main liner.  Under each birdbath and any huge rocks are smaller pieces of liner that is cut and layed on top of the top liner.  All these layers are necessary when placing waterfall stones.  Most accidents and holes and leaks are caused by rock and slate being slid and rubbed across the liner.

Remember to lift and set rock down and lift it straight up. Dragging rocks around the waterfall can ruin the whole project.

The sides need to be leveled high above the water line.

Time to step away and come back tomorrow.

This is about a week after and green water is expected in all new ponds.  This is the process of a new pond.  This is actually a basin of water that is chemically being turned into the water of an eco-system.

This is my original sketch for this project.

Here we are at the beginning of May and the first plantings have  gone in.

The finished pond is 1350 gallons.

Finally got the cap stones the next spring.  The bog has filled in nicely.

Been awhile since I've seen this pond.  After this picture she brought in mulchy soil to raise yard to the level of the caps.  I wonder how the rest of the landscaping looks today.

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